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Self Peace for World Peace

Self Peace.The first thing required for World Peace, is self peace. Self Peace is the calmness of the inside mind. Meaning, the peace residing in your mind, body and subconscious mind. With such a peace, you are emotionally rested, and strong to face the world and its realities. Only by facing reality, will there be understanding, and by understanding, peace.

Take an example. A smile by a small kid, or a short laugh at a joke will give your mind a soothing feeling. A feeling of goodwill. A feeling which incites you to do something.

But above all, a feeling which gives your mind peace, as the mind understands that you are cared for.Thus, emotional, mind peace is obtained. But remember, as the Oracle told Neo in The Matrix, "know thyself". With self understanding, comes self confidence.

Speak to yourself often. Evaluate your good and bad. And boost your morale yourself. It's a technique I often use on the eve of an exam!.Another method is Yoga, and meditation. Or indulge yourself in some activity that you find to your liking.

Forget about the rest of the world. Bring in att-i-tude. And let your mind soar (don't forget to come back to the ground).With all these virtues, self peace comes automatically. And once you have obtained self peace, go for World Peace, and help this cause! Yeeeehaaaa!.

.I'm Mohan K. the webmaster of I'm interested in World Peace, and I intend to bring about my interest in a grand sort of way. I hope that each of you will help me in my initiative.

By: Mohan K


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