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Sex in the Car A Guide For Maximum Pleasure

Sounds like something for teenagers, but actually having sex in an automobile may be your only chance for real privacy and satisfaction.Unlike an inexperienced teenager however, this "expert's guide" will give you some perfect foreplay and 3 winning positions in the back seat.It can be rewarding at any age, and a welcome change from the bedroom. Variety is the spice of life, and this is a good variant.If the moment has arrived, and you are both willing, move your front seats as far forward as they will go, and also make sure the "rake" (or incline of the back of the seat) is at its maximum forward as well.Back Seat Foreplay.

Don't waste time in getting completely undressed, only from the waste down. The girl can remove her bra, and you can fondle her breasts quite well with the blouse or top in place.Do not neglect to be as passionate as possible, kissing and fondling, until both of you are breathing heavy with desire.The best foreplay is, of course, fetllatio and cunnilingus. For this, and in the car, the sixty-nice position, but from side to side is perfect.Try to bring the woman to orgasm in this way, but if you are the man reading this, hold on.

The best is yet to come.The 3 Best Positions for Sex in the Car.When the foreplay is over, go for these 3 positions, and if possible, all in this order, arriving to your orgasm(s) at the 3rd position.?Facing the Music.In this position, the man is on his back with his head only slightly resting against the rear of the seat back, and his legs stretched out as much as possible, but only slightly apart.

The woman will mount him, with her legs astride his, and will be penetrated as she eases into position.The man can help her rise and fall by holding her waist and buttocks. This position will stimulate both the clitoris and the G-Spot.

Continue for as long as possible, then move on to the next position.?Easy Rider.Here the woman just turns around the other way from facing her partner, to them both looking in the same direction. The man again assists as much as possible in her rising and falling on him, and this position is a wonder for G-spot stimulation.

Let the woman rise and fall in a slow rythmic motion, and by this time, you may both be ready to finish. If you can, don't and more to the third position.?Easy Rider Crash Position.

While in the Easy Rider position, have the woman bend forward as much as possible, and follow her as she does so. You are in a modified doggy-style now, with the woman's genital area fully exposed and it can be a very exciting and erotic view.Now is the man's turn to thrust, and he should do go with stronger and deeper thrusts than were done with the previous two positions.

Climax and orgasm will now come quickly and profoundly.Cooling Down ? Continued Intimacy.Many men make the error to just quickly dress and get back to the front seat.

This is an error.After your experience, try about 10 minutes of continued kissing and some quiet embracing.Tell you partner how you feel about them and try to slowly, not quickly return to your normal routine. Ideally you have passed about 30 minutes in foreplay and 40 minutes in sexual union, so you are both a bit tired and resting together is a good idea to increase you togetherness and passion.Try sex in a car and you will find its exciting and fun and will enhance your relationships even if you are not a teenager!.

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By: Sacha Tarkovsky


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