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Sexual Massage How To Enhance Any Relationship

In human relationships, one should not underestimate the important of touch and this article is all about using touch to show your partner how much you love and care for them.Try it and you will find out how to convey your emotions and feelings in a totally different way that will enhance any relationship and is a fun and enjoyable form of foreplay.The importance of touch.Goes back to our very roots of being in the womb, our mother's holding us, and then childhood innocent games with parents, siblings and friends. In later life, we tend to duplicate this, if we can, with our intimate relations.The sexual massage is one very special way to do this, and can bring not only relaxation, but a keener sense of intimacy to both partners.

Setting the mood.To begin you will need some relaxing environment. If you are going to give the massage on a bed, it must not be too soft. If it is, use the floor, but put down first a folder blanket or a duvet. You must also have ready.? Massage oil.

? A large towel, a smaller towel and a small pillow.? Some relaxing music.? A few scented candles, with some scent like cinnamon which is considered to be somehow aphrodisiac.The room should be warm, as your partner will be naked (but not at first). Light the candles, put on the music, and you are about ready.Many techniques include massage (or masturbation) of the gentiles.

This technique does not, but recommends intercourse as the natural conclusion of the massage.Massage technique.With your partner lying face-down (and perhaps a small pillow under her or his head, and a rolled small towel under the ankles (to elevate the foot slightly) put some oil into your hands. Never put the oil or massage cream directly on the partner's skin as it can confuse and even ruin the mood of the massage.Back massaging.Start with the high back, rubbing with flat hands in circles (the left hand circling counter-clockwise and the right hand clockwise).

This is a relaxing stroke and you can move both lower or higher. Keep your hand well oiled until your partner's skin (as well as your own) has stopped "drinking" the oil. As you move higher and lower with this stoke, you can now move both hands in the same direction.As you continue, you can include the whole of the back, and how your circling strokes become the swimming stroke.

These are very large a movements beginning at the small of your partner's back and finishing at the nape of the neck. You can continue like this for some minutes, and you will give a great pleasure to your partner; who will begin to melt beneath you.The shoulders and neck.

You next work on the shoulder and neck with the flat of your thumbs and even kneading (as if you were kneading dough for bread). Continue for a few minutes.Buttocks & Legs.Work your way down now to your partner's buttocks. Use the kneading technique at first, and then end with small circling. Work at the cleavage of the buttocks, and on the inside of the thigh, but do not actually touch your partner's anus or gentiles.

Come as close as you can without doing so, and tease this areas with feathery strokes.Quickly move down each leg, massaging with the kneading movement, then the circling. Now go to each foot. Apply more oil and rub and massage each part of the foot, each toe even. Place special emphasis on the sole, and use your thumbs to massage the ball of the foot and then arch.

Asking your partner to turn over, work your way up the leg to the hips. Be careful to NOT touch the genital area, but only come as close as is possible. This is like scratching a mosquito bite, but around the bite, and not directly on it.

The front of the body.Lift your partner slightly from the small of the back two or three times. Then on your partner's abdomen, do large swimming stokes, and keep this up for at least 3 to 4 minutes.

This area will ignite the sexual centers, and create a great desire for sexual union with your partner; but do not yield till you are finished giving the massage.Continue with small circling movements on the chest or breast of your partner, and then move to the next with light pressuring movements only. Go behind your partner now and work on his or her face from behind. Do very light massage, not neglecting the lips, and eyes. Move to the sides of the forehead, and then end with the earlobes. There are great sexual centers (used also by acupressurists) there, and end with light pressure to each lobe.

You end the massage now on the whole of your partner's body with the back of the hands, using only the tips of the fingernails in as light and long stokes as possible.Practice and enjoy the above.Try the above and you will find a massage will add a different and enjoyable dimension to your relationship.

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By: Sacha Tarkovsky


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