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Teleseminar Suggestions How to Make Yours Worthwhile

In this article, I highlight what makes a teleseminar worthwhile. I include tips on keeping a teleseminar on track and meaningful, along with how to plan and give your own teleseminar.Just as with all seminars and presentations, some teleseminars are better and more helpful than others.

If you are planning to hold your own teleseminar, you will want it to provide top value to your participants. Following are some of my suggestions of what produces an excellent teleseminar:.Structure: As with any presentation, pre-planning and a complete outline are imperative for a smooth tele-class. With the large number of people on the line (I have taken part in some with more than 500 participants), structure provides control.

Know when and if to ask for questions and/or comments and how long to allow for them.Consider having one or two guests and treat the teleseminar as an interview. Some of the most interesting and enlightening teleseminars I have attended have followed this format. Rebecca Morgan and Ken Braly of SpeakerNet News offer some of the best of the best using this approach.

Provide handouts and/or a follow-up report or web page that reinforces the topics covered at the teleseminar. Even though listeners are furiously taking notes receiving a follow-up enhances the whole experience. If you provide a pre-agenda for those who sign up, you will find that more will stay on the line until the very end of the call.At this point, you are probably asking, "With all of the work involved, why would I ever want to offer a teleseminar?" Yes, there is work involved, but the benefits are incredible. You will gain credibility and definitely sell products whether or not you charge for the teleseminar. Even if you don't charge a large amount per person, your costs are low and the income for the expenditure of time can be rewarding.

You will have income from those attending, and then, if you record the sessions, you will have a fine audio product to market. (note: don't overdo the selling during the teleseminar.).

My suggestion is to attend many teleseminars. You will not only gain a huge amount of information and network with others from all over the world, you will also discover the good, the bad and the ugly of the teleseminar platform. You will also be able to decide whether or not it is something you want to tackle for a way to share your presentations and expertise.You will be delighted to find that there is a huge amount of on-line information on how to set up and conduct this successful method of sharing your knowledge with a huge number of eager learners. Do a search and go for it!.

.Chris King is a professional speaker, storyteller, writer, website creator / designer, free agent, and fitness instructor. Sign up for her eclectic E-newsletter, Portfolio Potpourri, at You will find her information-packed E-book How to Leave Your Audiences Begging for MORE! at http://www. and her business website at

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By: Chris King


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