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The Coming Chinese Obesity Problem

Today most Chinese People are fairly skinny due to their diets and the amount of food they eat, but in the future as their country's riches grow the Chinese will get fat, dumb and happy like many middle-class Americans. Actually it is already starting to happen and they are picking up both our good habits of business and our bad habits of food.Diabetes is on the rise in China and this is a really serious issue. Bad for them, but perhaps good for Big Pharma Corporations in the US and Europe who can bring some of that trade deficit home by selling Diabetes Treatment, although Chinese Medicine already has the answers for that through there own Asian slant on medicine and cures.

How big of an issue is the coming Chinese Obesity issue? Well pretty big if you consider China is expecting 10% growth in their economy in 2006 and that means more money to spread around, more jobs and more people coming out of poverty. As they make more money there will be more over eating and obesity.As if China does not have enough growing pains to deal with? The coming Chinese Obesity issues are real and they are something that China will have to face just like their over crowded cities, pollution problem and water issues.

Consider all this in 2006.

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