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The Natalie Holloway Story

It is really not fair for the media to continually subject us night after night for months on end to the on-going Natalie Story. Especially when there is no real news to it anymore. Is the media so worried about news that they have to work this hard to keep a story alive because it can give them slightly higher ratings than real news?.Yet one could say as Jerry Springer has that they are just giving humans what they want. Indeed, apparently the mass are so ignorant and obsessed with the BS of hype and mass media driven hysteria of sound and fury they no longer have minds to tell them that this is not news? I am sorry to break it to all of you, but this simply is not news; actually as bad as the story is, it never was.

And even though it is a public interest type story, it is not worth further mention past the first few days.Since that story broke last year, at least 60,000 people have been kidnapped and murdered in this hemisphere and of those at least 10,000 were women under the age of 30. Do not get me wrong it is a terrible tragedy, but it is no longer news. In fact the media is playing us for all it is worth and making a mockery of our ignorance as we watch them carry on about nothing new. Consider this in 2006 and demand real news.

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By: Lance Winslow


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