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The United States Military is Impotent in Catching International Terrorists

Some in other parts of the world believe that the United States of America cannot defeat the International Terrorists because their mighty army is useless against a band of bad guys. Fortunately this is not true at all, but unfortunately the bad guys actually believe this to be the case. In fact they use terminology like the Elephant who can stomp over any animal and a fly, which can continually harass and annoy and many millions of flies working together can eventually defeat the Elephant. An example would be a swarm of bees can bring down an Elk.

Recently this was discussed in an online think tank and one guest member brought up the point of the fly and the elephant. But indeed the truth be known and the reply came flying in fast when another member stated;."Oh baloney, The United States will hunt down and kill all terrorists individually if we have too. And you can take your little Elephant Fly story and shove it up your rear.".

Indeed the Elephant-Fly story-teller did not get it. Yes the US has the biggest Army. But do not think that we will succumb to threats. You see the US has been studying the flies, how they fly, mate, meet, eat and peddle in feces. The United States of America will now be going after individuals, networks and their friends and family programs too. Anyone who thinks that the United States will fall to International Terrorists does not know what they are talking about and is someone severely mislead.

Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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