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Tropical Hurricane Debbie

Hurricane Debbie threatens to destabilize and destroy as she plots her destiny with a devastating disaster. The tropical depression did not look so delightful, but once Debbie became a tropical storm everyone took notice of her shape and size. Debbie like many of us looks a little top heavy and over weight as she gathers strength and delights in the warm ocean surface temperatures.Will Debbie challenge the saffir-simpson category charts like last years Wilma, Rita and Katrina or will she become a mild less sassy young lady and retreat back into the tropical wind speed categories? It is too early obviously to predict Debbie's potentially devastating path and destiny, but you can be sure that the folks on the Weather Channel will be watching along with Miami's National Hurricane Center.

The NOAA and NASA satellites are taking Debbie's data and running it in super computers to predict the precise path of potential devastation, while Hurricane Hunter aircraft brave her strong eye wall to test the actual wind speeds.For now many Churches and congregations have decided to pray that Debbie does not do to the coast what she did to Dallas. Many folks are still rebuilding from last year and they do not wish to be screwed over like that again. But for now we wait and think on this in 2006.

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