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Twelve Simple Pleasures to Enjoy in April

The simple pleasures are sometimes the sweetest.Here are twelve affordable pleasures to help you slow down and taste the sweetness of the simple life.1. Take a walk out in the world and pay attention to the signs that summer is on its way.2. Go barefoot whenever possible.

3. Eat fresh fruit with each meal. Spring and summer bring such delightful fresh and healthy foods.4. Dab some energizing essential oil behind your ears so you can enjoy the aroma as you go about your day. Try lemon, basil, bergamot, sweet orange, peppermint, eucalyptus, tangerine, or any floral blend.

5. Invest in some quality cotton sheets and breezy cotton pajamas. Fold up the flannels and put them away until next winter.

6. Send a bouquet of bright spring flowers to someone, anonymously.7. Make a habit of buying simple things that make you feel as though you live in the lap of luxury: fresh raspberries, a silk eye pillow, homemade soap.

8. Ride your bike to work.9. Plant something beautiful.

10. Choose a fresh floral perfume from your local cosmetics counter. Request a sample, or buy the bottle.11. Sip a chai and browse the bookstore for a "beach book".

a simple, absorbing story that you can enjoy without thinking much at all.12. Think of your own simple pleasures, and continue to enjoy one each day.

.Susie Cortright is the founder of Momscape.

com as well as Momscape's Online Scrapbooking Magazine and Momscape's Organic Living Channel - all of which celebrate the simple splendor in our everyday lives. Visit her site today to subscribe to her free weekly newsletters featuring fresh new ideas and inspiration.

By: Susie Cortright


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