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War on International Terrorism The Forever War

Some believe that international terrorism could be the forever war in that there is always some nation state or group which works to disrupt a system of government or a cooperative organization. For instance in business there are rule breakers and rule makers. The status quo and the industry associations do not like the up-and-coming entrepreneurs who have built a better mousetrap, nor do they appreciate losing half their market share or a third of their stock capitalization due to dwindling sales.In politics we also find guerrilla warfare, as new challengers Label the incumbents "unfit" to lead, however within all this primate politics we do see change and often change is good. Without change innovation dies and so too slowly does that government, that industry or the status quo. Of course I'm not trying to justify international terrorism or the killing of innocent life, there can be no excuse for that.

And therefore I propose killing every single one of the international terrorists as soon as possible for not sooner.I further propose to do this was such ruthlessness and cut off their heads and put them on sticks because apparently fear is all they understand. But by the same token we must remember to be careful what we label as international terrorism and what is merely change knocking at the door for better or for worse change is the only constant and it is needed for the forward progression of mankind. Now then, let's go out and kill all the current international terrorists which we have already labeled and let's be careful, ooh so careful what exactly what we label international terrorism in the future.

Consider this in 2006. This has been a philosophical conversation with Lance Winslow.

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By: Lance Winslow


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