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What the Food Has to Do with The Spirituality

One of the first barriers a spiritual seeker has to overcome is the compliant with the food restrictions implied by the Master. Why the real spiritual Masters demand, without any compromise, strict lacto-vegetarian diet to be followed? What that has to do with the spiritual advancement on the Path?.The answer is coming from spiritual prospective, only.

The disciple has to stop accruing more debts while still in the physical plane. One of the greatest sources for increasing your karma is the food.Many seekers tend to pay no attention to the food and they have to pay the consequences of that. They are invisible for the seeker until the moment of reaching the highest planes on the inner journey.Any food causing dead of the animals, poultry, fish and eggs is considered loaded with heavy karma.

When you consume such a food, from the spiritual point of view, you are increasing your debt. Any debt in your account has to be paid during this lifetime.If your goal is the North Pole and you make a step towards it and two steps back you're more likely to arrive on the South Pole then to the North one. The same is in force on the spiritual plane. You cannot achieve your spiritual goal by constantly increasing your karmic load. That is simple to understand and not easy to follow in the beginning.

By giving you a clear instruction on following lacto-vegetarian diet the Masters are protecting you from increasing the heavy load, already available in large amount in your spiritual account. They are preparing you for the spiritual journey within by telling you how to start working on decreasing your karma.That has nothing to do with keeping your body healthy or preventing you from the sickness.

There is only one and point of view here and that is - the spiritual point of view. Health and sickness is something concerning the physical body. Masters are dealing with your spiritual body, only. The question may arise why the eggs are included in the list, also? They may have been produced in the farm and no life can be within them at all.

That is correct, but how you as a consumer can verify that fact? Do you think that the time and the efforts needed to verify the above are affordable?.There is a very simple rule given by the Masters to follow here: When the disciple is in doubt about the content of the food - discard it. Today, you have so many labeled foods with long lists of ingredients, no one can verify, even undertaking a very serious research.

On the other side the market offers large variety of non labeled foods. Vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains provide enough energy a human being needs to survive on the planet. That food still delivers some karma. The only difference is that the disciple can afford it and is actually covering it by meditation practice, done on a daily basis.Following the advice of somebody, who already achieved the ultimate goal on any field of this life, is a key point to success in every endeavor. We needed a teacher to learn how to walk, talk, write, learn, work and accomplish everything in this world.

How can you afford to waste your life without following the advice given by somebody who already achieved the highest spiritual goal within?.The questions will always be there, trying to destruct you from advancing on the inner path. But you have to spend a fair amount of time in search for the answers you need. No one can advance within before finding the best answers on the major question. That's why no time is wasted when looking for the right answer on the path of the spirituality.

Happy inner journey!.Look for the next article: The Second Rule of the Spiritual Masters: No Alcohol and Drugs.


Teo Gee.You can find many answers about the Secret Inner Journey by visiting the website below:

By: Teo Gees


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