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Yoga Practices and History - Yoga is a practice that people do keep their bodies in shape.

Intergalactic Peace Corp - Do you ever feel as though your drum beats to a different tune than the people around you? Have you possibly had the painful thought that you do not belong here, and that you want to go home? Are you sometimes plagued by a nagging thought that you.

Carwash Owners Refuse to Come Clean Illegal Alien Workers - In the United States of America one of the worst industries for exploiting people and illegal aliens are carwash owners.

Understanding and Using RRs Relationship and Reflections - Relationships permeate every facet of life.

When is a Victory Not a Victory - This article is not about King Pyrrhus; this however may be the last mention of the 200th anniversary of Nelson's victory at The Battle of Trafalgar in this Newsletter.

What the Food Has to Do with The Spirituality - One of the first barriers a spiritual seeker has to overcome is the compliant with the food restrictions implied by the Master.

Economic Development in Latin America - Economic development in Latin America has been a matter of great debate since they became independent.

Relationships When Love Is Lost - Watch a cloud in the sky.

Can Christian Dating Services Work for Me - Are you wondering if online dating is for you as a Christian woman or man? Have you almost given up hope of finding that perfect partner for your life?.

Understanding Yoga - Yoga has been around for thousands of years, and though its origins are still unclear, it appears to have originated in Ancient India or Ancient Egypt.

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