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TRADOS 6 Freelance and  LSP TRADOS Computer Aided Translation
By combining human translation skills with industry-leading translation memory technologies, TRADOS has successfully automated recurrent translation work. The TRADOS Translation Solution is a suite of mature, proven products that enable you to effortlessly master the many facets of translation work. TRADOS extends far beyond the actual translation process itself, addressing the requirements of multiple editing environments, terminology management, alignment of legacy translations and DTP interfacing.

Alchemy CATALYST Alchemy CATALYST 5.0 Localization Software
Alchemy CATALYST is an integrated translation environment with powerful project management features to help ensure your localization projects run smoothly. It will save you time and money by seamlessly integrating editors and tools for Translators, Localization Engineers, QA Specialists, Project Managers and Software Developers. By using Alchemy CATALYST's integrated translation environment with its unique Expert technology, projects will take less time to complete, quality will be improved, Engineering and QA cycles times will shorten and the overall cost of localization will be reduced.

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Language Tutor  Partner EP-X8
Our newest English-Polish Language Tutor system gives you the wealth of lexis accompanied with an interactive language learning system. The Language Tutor course is designed as a two-level system with placement and progress tests and the full complex of grammatical, vocabulary, and phonetic exercises to help you master your command of English. Special functions are designed to pronounce, translate, or explain the foreign language material to you. This talking dictionary is the top of the line!

PLEASE NOTE: This model is designed mostly for native Polish speakers studying English.

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