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The Real Power of Positive Thinking - Summary -- I remember it like it was yesterday.

Jill Carroll the Christian Hostage in Iraq Case Study - Everyone knows Iraq is a dangerous place for a reporter, volunteer or an American and it does not matter if you are a soldier, businessman or volunteer.

Benefit of Yoga Part I - The practice of Yoga brings with it many physical and emotional benefits that the majority of people are unaware of.

The Monkey Bars Lesson - I was reading something on another blog that rang true to me.

Relationship Men Also Get Abused By Women - Emotional and physical abuse is believed to be only for women.

An April Fool to get your Pulse Racing - So it?s April ? time for blowing away the cobwebs and clearing the decks, ready for all the joys of spring.

Self Peace for World Peace - Self Peace.

Race Horse Retirement What Could The Worldwide Church of God Possibly Learn from That - This is one of those rare occasions where the irony of something compels me to just write to process my own experience as a pastor now having moved on.

How to Teach Yoga in the Corporate Marketplace Part - The previously mentioned benefits of Yoga, for companies, are just the ?tip of the iceberg,? when you consider that Yoga also teaches gradual lifestyle changes, exercise as a regular component of life, a moderate diet, anger management, and stress.

Do They Get It Ii - There was a time in my Country, Nigeria, when the craze for the US Visa Lottery spread by contagion.

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